Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Target trip from hell

So, to recap today's Target trip from hell:
1) There were no double seater carts, and when I pulled out my double stroller, I realized the front wheel was broken. 
2) Had to have P in the back of a regular cart and keep him from leaping out every 6.2 seconds. 
3) midway through the store I realized P was eating something. It was hot pink glitter lipstick someone had left in the cart.
4) desperately tried to clean him and myself with the 3 wipes I had left in my bag.
5) F screamed the whole time I tried to clean P because the wipes container was near him
6) left my bag on a random shelf due to the lipstick rapid cleaning incident.
7) luckily it was still there when I got back (guess no one really needed maxed out credit cards, Cheerios, a perry the platypus shirt, or eyeglass prescription papers).
8) checked out while looking like the joker from batman and his offspring.
9) I forgot to buy the one item I actually came to buy
10) there were 3 double carts in the return when I went to put our cart away. Screw you target shoppers and your cart hoarding.

I think I will go hide in a cave for the rest of the day.

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